3 Important Details to Inform Your Realtor When Looking for a House

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People purchase or lease houses for different reasons, and it is these factors that determine the type of houses that they get. Below are important details that you should let your realtor know when you are looking for a house.

The purpose of the house

Suppose you are looking for a holiday home for your family, your requirements will vary significantly from someone who is looking for a house to raise their children. This is because the main factor of consideration for the holiday house will be the location and whether the environment has good weather throughout the year. In this case, houses that are located along the coast are the best option. Such factors are not necessary when you want a home where you can raise your family. In this instance, critical factors include whether the size of the house is appropriate and the proximity of various amenities such as schools, malls and hospitals.

The preferred house type

There are various types of houses available on the market. Examples of these include bungalows, apartments, and condos. You should let your realtor know your preferred type of house so that they can narrow down their focus. Suppose you are a private individual and would like a single unit house, it would be a waste of time for a realtor to ask you to visit an apartment block. Similarly, if you want a social environment to raise your kids, getting a secluded house in the countryside might not be a good idea. As such, you should narrow down your focus and let the realtor know that you want a house in a gated community or a single unit bungalow.

Duration wanted

An increasing number of people prefer to lease houses, instead of purchasing them. Some of the benefits of leasing include having to spend less money while still living in a good house, the ability to move with minimal complications in case you see a better house and limited maintenance costs apart from paying for utilities. However, you should always inform your realtor the duration that you want to lease the house. Some housing units, such as furnished apartments, are usually only available for long-term leases which run for several months and cannot be leased for shorter periods, such as several weeks. Providing such information before the search for a house starts prevents any inconveniences and helps the realtor to know what to look for.

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