How to Prepare Gardening Tools and Lawn Items for a Move

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When moving house, most people focus on the items inside the home. They spend a lot of time planning how to pack and move the furniture, appliances, kitchenware, clothes and furnishings. Little attention is given to outdoor items, such as the outdoor furniture, farm tools, power equipment and other things that are used in the outdoor area. However, these items are equally as important as other pieces in your home. Unless you don't plan on working on the landscape in your new home, you will need your lawn mower, garden hose and shears. That's why you need to take them into account when planning for a move. Read on for some useful tips on how to prepare your lawn items for moving day.

Short- and Long-Handled tools

In your shed, you may have a few hand tools that come with either short or long handles. These include shovels, spades, rakes and claws. You may also have small tools such as hammers, hand shears, wrenches, screwdrivers and ratchets. Wrap the small tools with old newspaper and pack them in a box. Do not place too many items in one box, as it may be too heavy for you to lift. Bundle up the long-handled tools together and secure them using a rope. Doing this will prevent them from rolling around in the moving truck during transportation.

Garden hose

Drain all the water in your garden hose to prevent it from wetting other items in the moving truck. Once the hose is dry, coil it properly, secure the coil using a rope and pack it in a box. If the hose is dirty, it may be a good idea to clean it before packing to ensure that you won't have to do much cleaning after settling into the new home.

Outdoor charcoal grill

If you have an outdoor charcoal grill, clean out the charcoal before packing it. Wrap the grill using bubble wrap to protect it from scratches during the transition. For grills that use propane gas, it may be a good idea to consult with your house removals company on whether they move flammable fuels. If not, you will have to organize for alternative transportation.

Outdoor furniture

Before packing your lawn furniture, make sure that it is clean. Remove the cushions and place them in a labeled box. Wipe down the furniture with a piece of cloth, water and dishwashing liquid to get rid of dirt and debris. Remember to inform the movers that you have outdoor furniture so that they can place it in the right place once you get to your new home.

Follow these tips to ensure that your outdoor tools, equipment and furniture are adequately prepared and packed for moving day.